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Submit a Tax Credit by April 15th



Want to support our school and get a dollar-for-dollar return on your state taxes? Anyone who resides in the state of Arizona can submit a tax credit donation and give towards your child’s extracurricular activities now through April 15. If your child participates in arts education, athletics, field trips, outdoor education, tutoring and more, their tax credit donation can support your child and they can get a dollar-for-dollar return on their state taxes.

Those who donate have the ability to designate what program they would like their donation to fund as long as it is a qualified activity or program by the Arizona tax law. Not only do our students benefit greatly from these donations, but our families also receive a dollar-for-dollar return during tax season.
On behalf of our students and staff, thank you. Your support helps Peoria Unified students build upon their academic achievements by continuing their learning outside of the classroom.

Donate online at