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TouchBase Online Payments


Extra-Curricular Participation Fee


A one-time per year participation fee will be assessed once a student makes a team to participate in any of the following AIA activities; Athletics, Spiritline, Band, Chorus, Esports, Speech and Debate. The fee is to be paid prior to competing in district sports and activities.  There is a family cap for a maximum of two paid high school participants from the same family ($200).  Funds generated will be used to pay for operational expenses of the programs. The three options to make payment are the following (please click the link to make a payment):


  1. Participation fee online payment utilizing the Arizona tax credit  ** Please make sure to click the correct fee you would like to pay (ie: Tax Credit Athletics Participation Fee, Tax Credit Marching Band Participation fee)


  1. Participation fee online payment without using the Arizona tax credit 


  1. Visit the bookstore and pay in person.


InTouch Receipting – Touchbase

Making a Payment:

Parents must already have a Parentvue account established. 

Log onto through Google Chrome. The following screen will appear.

Select the button ‘Click here to set your password’



You will be prompted to enter your ParentVue username or the email associated with your account.

You will receive an email that will allow you to set your password for Touchbase. 

Click on the link and set your password, you can use your existing ParentVue password or create a new one.

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