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Welcome Back to School!

We filled your virtual backpack with a ton of helpful back-to-school details in order to make this a successful school year for both you and your family.


The complete 2019-20 school calendar can be viewed on our website. Always check the district’s website for the latest calendar as it is subject to change. 


Note that all schools and the district office will be closed from 8 a.m. to noon on Monday, Aug. 5 for a staff meeting.


Whether you are new to the district or have been a Peoria Unified family for a while, please note that we have something called Modified Mondays (early release) for staff professional development. In the 2019-20 school year, the district’s weekly Professional Development schedule will continue to support the ongoing professional development for the district’s 4,000 employees. On Mondays, students will be released two hours early from their originally scheduled dismissal.


To accommodate child care needs during the Modified Mondays, the district offers a KidZone program for students attending a school located in Glendale. The district also has a partnership with the city of Peoria to offer the AM/PM program to students attending Peoria schools. Learn more about both programs


Throughout the year parents can receive reminders, as well as share in the collaborative efforts of our staff professional development, through our social media channels using #ModifiedMonday.


School Safety 
School safety remains the top priority in the Peoria Unified School District and we want all families to know what types of safety measures we have in place to protect your children. We have built out an entire section on our district website dedicated to school safety with information on school emergencies, how parents can stay updated in the event of a crisis and much more. Please visit for more information.


Heat Advisory 
Arizona is HOT and we want your children to be COOL. While we are fortunate enough to not experience snow days in the Valley of the Sun, we have the unique experience of monitoring outdoor temperatures. If there is an Excessive Heat Warning issued by the National Weather Service, we will notify all of our schools. An Excessive Heat Warning would be similar to having a rainy-day schedule, where schools will adjust activities to ensure student safety. Water is made available at all times and activities may be moved indoors or rescheduled. During an Excessive Heat Warning, parents are not typically notified as it may occur frequently in the early fall or late spring.


Breakfast and Lunch
What’s for lunch? You can view the breakfast and lunch menu, learn about the free and reduced lunch program and add money to your child’s lunch accont by visiting


Will your child ride a bus to school? Our Transportation Department mailed out postcards to families who have children riding the bus. Staff work with bus drivers to make sure that students get on the correct bus. Kindergarten through second-grade bus riders will have a sticker to ensure they are directed to the proper bus as well. For more information about Transportation.

Before and After School Care

Does your child need childcare Before or After School or maybe just care on #ModifiedMondays? Learn more about your childcare options


Election Information

This November, voters will exercise their local budget control to determine if our district’s maintenance and operations override will pass. If successful, this would sustain our current 13% override, which provides about $27 million for our district, and infuse approximately $5 million for our people and programs. The increase would be used to fund safety initiatives – such as additional counseling and intervention support services, increased related staffing and safety training Such as additional counseling and intervention support services, increased related staffing and safety training.

Our Current Override funds people and programs, such as:

•         All-Day Kindergarten for our Youngest Learners  

•         Arts Educations Programs Including Band and Chorus

•         Assistant Principals for Every School

•         Attraction and Retention of the Best Teachers and Staff Possible 

•         Athletic Programs

•         Extra/Co-curricular Activities 

•         Gifted Education

•         Maintain Class Sizes

•         Nurses/Health Services at Every School 

•         Physical Education Programs 

•         Reading Programs

To help our community understand the tax impact of their support, we’ve created a calculator on our website. You can visit to put in your home’s assessed property valuation from your Maricopa County tax statement and determine what the override will mean for you. Note – the valuation found on your tax statement is different from the estimated value you’ll find on a home site, like Zillow or Redfin. 

This is a MAIL IN ONLY election, meaning that you can’t go to the traditional polling place on election day to cast your vote. Your ballot will come in the mail and will need placed back in the mail so it makes it in time to be counted by Nov. 1.


Registering to Vote
If you have moved or need to register to vote visit


Governing Board Meetings
Governing Board meetings are held at the District Administration Center and are streamed live online.


We hope this answered any questions you may have related to the start of school. Email us at Have a fantastic start to your school year! #PeoriaUnifiedPride