Tracking & Verifying

Tracking System

In order to accurately calculate the time a student spends working on eCampus courses and to receive course credit, the student must be diligent in logging their time into the eCampus Student Tracking System.  Students should review the steps on how to track time for help on how log time in the student tracking system.  

IMPORTANT: To be successful in the online class and avoid being withdrawn from the course, students are required to log the following minutes for their eCampus course(s):   

Fall/Spring semesters – Minimum of 400 minutes (7 hours) per week, per course
Summer – Minimum of 800 minutes (14 hours) per week, for a full credit course.  Half credit summer courses remain at 400 minutes per week.

Parent Tracking Directions

Parents will also utilize a verification system each week to verify their student’s minutes. Parents will receive a weekly reminder email with a link to quickly access the verification system.  Parents should contact our office at 623.412.5345 via email at if the weekly emails are not received.  Parents should review the steps on how to verify time.