Grading & Credits

Grading Policy

Course grades will be determined according to Peoria Unified grading policies. Specific details regarding calculation of grade point average and class rank can be referenced in the High School Course Offering & Description Guide found on the Peoria Unified website and by clicking on the tab on the left called, “Course Description Guide.”

Late Work Policy

Late work is defined as any work completed and turned in after a designated due date.  Work becomes late when an absence is unexcused, for truancy or when a student turns in assignments after the equal number of days allowed for excused absences.  Late work will be accepted up to the day prior to the last day of the grade-in-progress period (each four and one-half [4 1/2] weeks).  Students will receive a grade equal to fifty percent (50%) of the grade the students would have originally earned if the assignment was turned in on the actual due date.


Granting & Posting Credits

Credits are granted and posted by eCampus Virtual High School. However, eCampus does not award diplomas. The grade will appear on the student’s transcript. Non-PUSD students will need to request an official transcript to be sent to their home school. This request can be made through the eCampus Secretary.

State Assessments

Online courses provided through eCampus Virtual High School are not intended to be an alternative to enrollment in an Arizona high school. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the student’s home school to administer appropriate state assessments as well as other norm-referenced tests.

IMPORTANT: Under Arizona State Law, students who fail to take the required state tests are no longer eligible to take courses through eCampus Virtual High School and will be dropped from all courses.