End of Course

End of Course Surveys

Students and parents will be asked to complete an end of course survey upon completion of any eCampus course. The information collected is anonymous and is intended to help eCampus improve & adjust our program to better fit the needs of students.

End of Course Report

Every student will be required to print a parent verification report showing total time spent on the course.  Please login to the student tracking or parent verification system to print the report.  You and your parent will need to sign the report and the report will be collected at the time of your in-person final exam.  Failure to submit the report could result in your grade not being posted until the report is received by eCampus staff. 

Return of Textbooks/Materials
Students should return eCampus course text books and/or hardware devices on the day of the final exam. The eCampus teacher will report a final grade ONLY if the student has returned all course materials.

  • Failure to return eCampus course materials at the end of a semester (or term) will result in the student being billed for the missing textbook or hardware device.
  • If the student is unable to return the materials on the day of the final exam, the materials must be delivered to the following address:

Peoria High School
Attn: eCampus Virtual High School
11200 N. 83rd. Ave.
Peoria, AZ 85345

*Be sure to indicate who the materials are being returned FROM in order for students to receive accurate credit.