Technical Information

Technology Requirements

eCampus Virtual High School does not provide the online student with the computer equipment or the internet connection required to take an online course. Students may access courses from home or other locations with any computer that meets the minimum requirements listed on our Technical Support page

Service Level Agreement

eCampus Virtual High School Program uses the MOODLE Learning Management System. This system is managed by the Information Management and Technology (IMT) department of the Peoria Unified School District.

System Availability

The main goal of eCampus Virtual High School is to help students be successful online learners. For this to happen, the online learning system must be available to both students and instructors 24 hours per day, 7 days per week during the duration of each semester. The IMT department will make every effort to ensure that the system is operational. Maintenance and upgrade time will be scheduled and users will be notified in advance when it is necessary for this to occur.

Instructor & Student Email Availability

A Peoria Unified student email account is required for all communication throughout the duration of the eCampus course(s).  Student usernames and passwords are made available through the student’s home school library, or the eCampus staff.

Technical Support

If the instructor is unable to readily provide a solution to a student’s technical problem, the eCampus office staff can be contacted at (623) 412-5345 or at

Every effort will be made to assist instructors and students in resolving issues involving access of the online learning system from a home computer. All requests for assistance that are submitted will be initially answered within 24-48 hours of the request (excluding weekends).

If you are experiencing any software or hardware difficulties with your personal device, they will need to be resolved prior to receiving support.  We can only assist and make recommendations on the technology that is specific to eCampus. 

Q & A: Technical Difficulties

What should I do when I try to click on an audio or video file and the page is blank?
This most likely means that you do not have the appropriate player installed on your computer. You will need to download the appropriate software. If this is not the issue, visit another website that has video or audio on it. See if you can play this multimedia file. If it plays, this will indicate there is an issue with the course media. If the multimedia does not play, this indicates that there may be an issue with your computer. Confirm that your sound card hardware and software are working properly. To do this, open an audio or video file that is outside your online course (locate a video/audio file on the internet to play, etc.) to run some additional tests.

While taking a test, the computer lost internet connection. How can I get back to my test?
You will need to communicate with your teacher and request that the test (or quiz) be reset. 

When navigating through the course, the computer doesn’t load the pages properly.
Clearing the browsing history may help the page load more efficiently.  Also, you may need to turn off your pop-up blocker. 

How do I send email to my teacher?
Students should refer to the How To's page for support on how to access their Peoria Unified student email account.