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      • Have attained sophomore, junior or senior status and on track to graduate.
        • Medical, Engineering and Cybersecurity are open to juniors and seniors.
        • Bioscience and Global Business are one-year programs and are open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.
      • Demonstrated excellence in math and science*;
      • Desire to work in a project-based, real-world environment with business professionals and other Peoria Unified students; 
      • Be willing to comply with business ethics and dress codes as determined by the MET strand in which you are involved;
      • Be willing to attend two class periods away from your home school

    *Medical students must have a 3.0 GPA to earn Grand Canyon University college credit through the MET Professional Academy.


  • 1. Review the Program Information Select the Strand That Best Fits Your Goals
  • 2. Speak With Your High School Counselor Or Contact the MET Coordinator If You Have Questions
  • 3. Complete the Application Submit the Linked Application to Your Counselor by December 2nd
  • 4. Receive Application Confirmation We Will Send an E-Mail Confirmation That Your Application Was Received
  • 5. Acceptance Notification We Will Notify You On December 14 If You Have Been Accepted