• Student Supply Request List for 1st grade (optional)

    1 red plastic folder with prongs

    1 package of Ticonderoga brand pencils (they sharpen better and break less)

    2 large pink erasers and pencil top erasers

    Glue sticks

    Thick Expo dry erase markers- multi-pack

    4 boxes of 24 crayons

    2 thin highlighters

    1 pair of child's scissors

    2 boxes of facial tissues

    1 pair of headphones (for use with the computers) be prepared to replace them throughout the year if they break or your child doesn't take care of them. 

                                    You would be surprised at the abuses we see! Things like chewing, pulling, swinging, tugging, and tangling.

    2 bottles hand sanitizer


    girls only

    1 container Clorox or Lysol type wipes

    boys only

    1 box FREEZER gallon size Ziploc bags