• PTSO supports our campus in a variety of ways, such as teacher requests, playground awnings,  outside sport bench, etc. PTSO meetings are held once every month after school.  Everyone is welcome to attend or communicate with us via email. 


      PTSO Board

      President - Holly Sweetwood

      Treasurer- Lisa Wargo

      Secretary - Tiffany McCabe

      Teacher Liason - Angela Ilzarbe-Nijdl



      Get Involved

      PTSO meetings are held in the school library the first Wednesday of every month at 3:15 p.m. 


      Site Council

      The Cotton Boll Site Council is a sub-committee of our PTSO.  Anyone who attends the PTSO meeting is welcome to be part of the Site Council.  At Site Council parents recieve updates and reports about the happenings, successes and challenges at the school.  It is also a time when parents are invited to ask questions, to offer suggestions input and to be a part of problem solving.  We strieve to achieve a balance where we meet the legal requirements of a site council yet still keep it informal so that all feel welcome and not intimidated by rules/procedures.  The overall goal is to have a vene where parents can positively interact with the school leadership team. 


    • Holly Sweetwood

      PTSO President