On March 30, 2022, Governor Ducey terminated the COVID-19 Declaration of Emergency. As such, Peoria Unified will sunset our COVID-19 Dashboard effective April 1. We will continue to track student and staff cases of COVID-19 as they are reported to us and monitor community spread, should there be a need to change our response.

  • Download the  Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan (ARP Act)




    Additional updates to this plan may be made in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Arizona Department of Public Health (ADHS), MCDPH, Executive Orders issued by the Governor and the decisions made by the district’s Governing Board and Leadership Team. The Peoria Unified School District may make revisions to this plan at any time based on changes in federal, state or county requirements or changes in community spread of COVID-19. Some procedures may vary by school based on enrollment or layout of school campus and will be shared with parents by school principals.


    Daily Health Checks (UPDATED MARCH 30, 2022)
    All families are encouraged to conduct daily health checks, including taking your child’s temperature before school and assessing your child for any symptoms.
    If your child has only one of the following symptoms that are mild and/or are allergy-related, they can attend school if they are not contagious: headache, sore throat, congestion/runny nose, a mild cough, etc.
    If your child has multiple symptoms or is visibly ill, please keep them home. They can return in 24 hours if symptoms have improved, if they have been fever free without the use of medications and they tested negative. Without a negative test, your child should stay home for five days.
    For fever 100 and over, vomiting, and/or diarrhea, students need to be fever free for 24 hours without the use of medications and other symptoms need to be resolved for 24 hours before returning.

    Now that vaccinations are available for individuals ages five and up, for those who choose them, quarantine will no longer be used as the first mitigation response to reduce the spread of COVID-19, but rather in a more targeted approach.  

    • If the county intervenes due to a special circumstance at your child’s school, you will be notified of additional mitigation procedures and how that will impact your child. Absences resulting from county-required quarantine are marked as excused. 
    • If the county does not implement additional mitigation procedures, quarantining will be a personal choice for your child, unless your child is symptomatic.  
    • If you choose to have your child quarantine, please contact the school’s attendance line daily to inform them your child will be out. Please also notify your child’s teacher so that they may support your child’s learning at home during that time.  
    • If your child has been identified as a close contact and you choose to send your child to school and your child begins having any symptoms of COVID-19, please keep them home and follow the Maricopa County Department of Public Health flowchart.  
    • While masks are not required, Peoria Unified strongly recommends close contacts wear a mask for a minimum of 14 days after becoming in close contact to an individual who tested positive.  
    • For those who have been exposed to COVID-19, MCDPH recommends testing 5-7 days after your exposure, even if you do not have symptoms.  

    If Your Child Tests Positive
    If your child tests positive for COVID-19, please have them stay home and send a copy of your positive test, with your child’s first and last name, date of birth, and test type to the school nurse along with the date of their COVID-19 test. The school nurse will follow-up with you regarding your child’s isolation period and when they can return to school.

    Masks (Updated March 3. 2022)
    Masks will continue to be optional but are recommended for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals while indoors, during times of substantial or high transmission, per the CDC and Arizona Department of Health Services. 
    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) just updated its guidance on mask wearing and is no longer requiring that masks be worn on school buses or vans for preK-12 schools or childcare programs. Effective immediately, masks will be optional for Peoria Unified staff, students and volunteers on buses or any other district transportation.  

    Individuals ages five and older are now eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine, for families who make this choice. Vaccines are not required. If you choose to vaccinate your child, you can find a vaccine location near you.
    A reminder that the district does not require students, staff or visitors to be vaccinated. For information on vaccines, visit MCDPH’s website.   

    Communication Regarding Cases
    Peoria Unified School District will continue to display the COVID-19 dashboard during the spring semester, which is updated weekly when school is in session. Please note that a cumulative number of cases will be included on the web page from the entire first semester, but the dashboard itself will reflect cases from spring 2022 only. You can view the dashboard on our website.



     eCampus Peoria Virtual K-12 School logo


    While attending school in-person works best for most students, the district recognizes that many students, K-12, can be successful in a high-quality online program. Meeting the needs of every child is the district’s priority and taking critical feedback from staff and families during the pandemic, Peoria Unified modified and enhanced its online instructional model for future school years to offer a permanent, online option for students.

    The new online learning model, hosted through Peoria’s eCampus Virtual School, is a full-time online learning option available to students K-12. Students are taught by certified Peoria Unified teachers who are trained to deliver quality, online teaching and learning.

    This is a full-time option for students where the eCampus Virtual School will be listed as the child’s “home school” and the child will be unenrolled from their traditional neighborhood school. Students enrolled in eCampus Virtual School will not be able to transition back and forth between in-person instruction and the eCampus Virtual School within the school semester, but spaces may be made available at each quarter.  Those interested in enrolling should contact the administration at their child’s home school to discuss if there are openings and inquire about placement on the waiting list.


    Additional updates may be made in accordance with Arizona Department of Public Health (ADHS), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Executive Orders issued by Governor Doug Ducey and the decisions made by the district’s Governing Board and Leadership Team. Some procedures and protocols may vary by school based on enrollment or layout of school campus and will be shared with parents by school principals.






Covid Resources

  • Maricopa County Department of Public Health

    Phone: 1-844-542-8201
    Email: COVIDparenthotline@maricopa.org

    This resource can assist you with the following questions:

    • What are COVID symptoms
    • How to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the home
    • Information on vaccines
    • Next steps if you were a close contact to someone who tested positive
    • You can speak to a medical specialist


    AZ 211- https://211arizona.org/crisis/covid-19/

    Calling "211" or visiting the website above for the following questions:

    • Details on COVID Vaccines
    • Housing/Utilities/Food assistance
    • Crisis counseling
    • You can speak to a specialist about COVID-19
      • Testing sites
      • Questions on symptoms
      • Questions on what to do if exposed
      • A parent can call to ask about the impact on COVID-19 in schools 
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Community Resources Physical and Mental Health and Safety Resources