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    My name is Ms. Arias and I am the proud principal of Copperwood Elementary.  I’ve worked in the Peoria Unified School District since 1994. I began my journey as a substitute special education assistant while I finished my coursework to become a special education teacher. After several years teaching at three of our district schools, one of those being Copperwood, I then extended my experience and began coaching other teachers in our district… eventually pursuing a master’s degree in Educational Leadership.

    My family has always been supportive of my educational journey. My daughter and other children in my family have all attended PUSD schools from pre-k through high school and I cannot imagine our educational careers having taken place anywhere else. We are Peoria. I am proud to serve the Copperwood Community!


    Ms. Christina Arias


    Copperwood Elementary 

Ms. Arias
  • Ms. Christina Arias

    Office: 623-412-4651