• Copperwood’s Center for Differentiated Instruction (CCDI) represents the gifted magnet school within the Peoria Unified District. The program opened in 2000 as a multi-aged self-contained classroom at Copperwood Elementary in Glendale, Arizona. Currently, the CCDI predominantly self-contained classrooms serve kindergarten through eighth grade students from across the valley. While there is no cost for the program, transportation needs to be provided by parents.

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    The Questions Most Parents Ask


    Q: What is the goal of CCDI?

    A: The ultimate goals of the CCDI program are two-fold. The first goal of the program is to provide students who have advanced intellectual, academic, and/or creative abilities, which cannot be successfully realized in a traditional setting, the opportunity to dynamically interact with a team of gifted specialists within a rigorous, interdisciplinary learning environment to reach their highest levels of learning and accomplishment. Our second goal is to allow peers of similar aptitudes to interact with one another in a rigorous interdisciplinary learning environment to reach their highest levels of learning and accomplishment.

    Q: How do students qualify for the CCDI program?

    A: Students in grades 3-8 qualify for CCDI based on their performance on the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT), while students in grades k-2 are placed in the CCDI Search program based upon data.

    Q: Will my child be totally isolated from the regular education students?

    A: No, Copperwood provides CCDI students opportunities to interact with their grade-level peers throughout the school year.

    Q: Why CCDI?

    A: Students in the CCDI program greatly benefit from this unique and powerfully enriched environment. CCDI prepares students for the demanding rigor required at the next level of educational pursuits.



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