• Parkridge offers sports programs for seventh- and eighth-grade girls and boys. 



    • Boys Baseball
    • Girls Softball



    • Boys' Football
    • Girls Volleyball
    • Cross Country (2nd through 8th Grade)



    • Boys Basketball
    • Girls Basketball

Register My Athlete


    For the 2023-24 school year, please register through Register My Athlete. RegisterMyAthlete is designed to streamline the process of student/athlete registration for students, parents, coaches and school administrators.
    This is an online program specifically designed for athletes. All clearance information will be submitted online.

No Pass, No Play

  • State Board of Education Rule R7-208 as mandated by the Arizona State Legislature requires that each school district must have in place a "No Pass No Play" policy.  The Peoria Unified School District views this policy as a tool for motivating student athletes to be successful in their academic subjects.  District policy requires the following:

    • Student athletes receive a weekly grade check to determine their eligibility to participate in athletic competitions.
    • A student must receive a passing grade in all enrolled classes on the weekly grade check preceding the contest or performance.
    • When a student's grade falls at or below 65% (+or- 2%), the student must be warned of potential ineligibility.  Warning of potential ineligibility must take place before ineligibility is declared.
    • Ineligibility is declared on Friday and the student is ineligible beginning the following Monday.
    • Students are ineligible until they earn a passing grade.
    • Student athletes with an Individual Education Plan or 504 accommodations must continue to make adequate progress toward achieving their goals to be eligible to participate.
  • Parkridge Athletics


    Heather Wright

    Assistant Principal



Participation Fee

  • An elementary athletic participation fee of $25.00 per student with a maximum of $50.00 per family, per year will be charged.  The participation fee can be paid through tax credit and families can get a dollar-for-dollar return on their state taxes.  Tax Credit Donation