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    The Adult Transition Center at Cactus High School services special needs students ages 18-22 with a program that focuses on their individual transition needs.  The Adult Transition Center serves to educate young adults with special needs in the skills needed for adult living by providing focused instructional programming, community-based experiences, and facilitating collaboration with adult agencies. We aim to help students attain the highest level of independence possible.


    The ATC offers three instructional programs differentiated to support a variety of students at various levels of independence and employment readiness.


    The STEP UP program is designed to provide students with extensive instruction and training in functional adult living skills in order to facilitate active participation and meaningful contributions in their home and community. This will include an emphasis on fundamental activities of daily living to ensure personal health and well-being and workplace skills which may lead to employment opportunities that are individually crafted, supported by ongoing coaching or supervision, and/or work in group supported settings. 

    The STEP OUT program is designed to provide classroom and community-based instruction to support the acquisition of a wide range of pre-vocational skills and instrumental activities of daily living. Through participation in a variety of work experiences, strengths and preferences will be clearly defined in order to determine the most successful path to independent or minimally supported employment. Additionally, students will receive instruction and practice skills that involve complex interactions in the home and in the community. 

    The MOVE ON program is designed to help students transition out of high school into the adult world through extended work experiences Students are required to work/volunteer for a minimum of 15 hours a week . The ultimate goal is to develop employment ready behaviors and connect students with an adult service agency that can provide after graduation support in job acquisition and retention.

  • Staff Contact


    Lead ATC Teacher

    Christopher Morris


    Move On Teacher

    Jean Robertson


    Step Out Teacher

    Amy Basich


    Setup Up Teacher

    Lindsay Swingle


    Move On Transition Technicians

    Jaime Jones

    Kristi Hudson


    Step Out Transition Technicians

    Ronda Hernon

    Kelly Southard


    Setup Up Transition Technicians

    Claudia Drozt

    Kerri Montgomery

    Aaron Allen