• We are pleased that you are interested in participating in athletic extra-curricular activities!  We want our students to be involved as possible at Alta Loma, and being a student-athlete is an excellent way to do this.


      Alta Loma offers sports programs for seventh- and eighth-grade girls and boys.

      For students in 3rd - 8th grade, Cross Country is available in the fall 

      In addition, 5th - 8th grade students have an opportunity to try out for a district Track and Field event within their PE classes.  This occurs during the spring semester.


      Fall Sports:



      Travis Randall jrandall@pusd11.net 

      Paul Blakely pblakely@pusd11.net 


      Girls' Volleyball


      Daniele Smith dsmith@pusd11.net


      Cross Country (3rd - 8th grade)


      Shauna Davies SDavies@pusd11.net


      Winter Sports:

      Boys' Basketball


      Paul Blakely PBlakely@pusd11.net


      Girls' Softball


      Travis Randall jrandall@peoriaud.az.us

      Spring Sports:


      Boys' Softball


      Travis Randall jrandall@pusd11.net


      Girls' Basketball


      Paul Blakely pblakely@pusd11.net 



      PUSD Athletic Webpage
      Athletic Form



      State Board of Education Rule R7-208 as mandated by the Arizona State Legislature requires that each school district must have in place a "No Pass No Play" policy.  The Peoria Unified School District views this policy as a tool for motivating student athletes to be successful in their academic subjects.  District policy requires the following:

      Student athletes receive a weekly grade check to determine their eligibility to participate in athletic competitions.

      A student must receive a passing grade in all enrolled classes on the weekly grade check preceding the contest or performance.

      When a student's grade falls at or below 65% (+or- 2%), the student must be warned of potential ineligibility.  Warning of potential ineligibility must take place before ineligibility is declared.

      Ineligibility is declared on Friday and the student is ineligible beginning the following Monday.

      Students are ineligible until they earn a passing grade.

      Student athletes with an Individual Education Plan or 504 accommodations must continue to make adequate progress toward achieving their goals to be eligible to participate.