• General Career Planning Information:

    There are a lot of choices after graduating from high school!  How do you determine what is best for you?


    1. Know your interests and strengths!  There are several websites that offer interest and skills assessments.  Here are links to just a few:
    2. Research Careers!  Use the same sites listed above to continue to research careers that interest you.
    3. Think about education. Some careers require additional education beyond high school and some you can learn on the job.  Pick what is right for you:
      • 4-year universities (earn a Bachelors degree)
      • 2-year colleges (earn an Associates degree, certification and/or transfer to a 4-year university)
      • Technical and Trade Schools - these can be 6 months-two years in length
      • Apprenticeships (on the job training)
      • Military 
    4. Research colleges and training programs.  Consider the requirements for the career you are interested in, cost of attendance, and wages that can be earned upon completion.