• Events for Class of 2024

      • November 28th-December 2nd College Week during lunch 
        • November 28th-December 2nd College Week during lunch 

          Important Dates to Know Your Junior Year:


          • Fafsa Night September 15th 
          • HBCU Conference September 28th


          • October 4th FAFSA Breakfast 8-2pm in the library 
          • October 6th: GCU workshop
          • October 7th Scottsdale Community College Real Estate Presentation in room 225 9-10:30
          • October 11tth GCU Field Trip 8:12-1pm 
          • October 12th PSAT 
          • October 18th Uof A  Application Workshop in room 225 from 9-2pm
          • October 27th GCC Field Trip tbd



      November 17th, 2022:  ASVAB Test - Sign up will be emailed out. Keep an eye out for emails. If you have questions, stop by the career center. Sign up here: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=kDNSVH8B7Em-KnHNGN56SFeQDtT1tYpNnM-VG-nhf_lUQ1YyRVAyNlpNU1ExUUZQRlNVN01FS05LUC4u 

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