• Athletics


    After-school sports are available for 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls and boys.   Cross Country is offered to 3rd - 8th grade students at Peoria Elementary. Participants must furnish their own transportation to and from practice.  School attendance is expected of all athletes on the day of a game.  Absences on the day of the game may result in a student being ineligible for that day's athletic event.  Parents are responsible for their children's insurance.  Insurance forms are required for each participant.  


Fall Sports

Winter Sports

Spring Sports

Athletic Medical Form

  • Attached is the student athlete's medical form and insurance form.  Students must have both forms on file in the office to participate in any extracurricular sports. It must be updated each year.


    Athletic Medical and Insurance Forms


Participation Fee

  • An elementary athletic participation fee of $25.00 per student with a maximum of $50.00 per family, per year will be charged.  The participation fee can be paid through tax credit and families can get a dollar-for-dollar return on their state taxes.  


    Tax Credit Information