• Hello Canyon! My name is Amber Chudzik, and I am Canyon's school counselor.  I have worked in mental health for seven years, after obtaining a master’s degree from Grand Canyon University in Professional Counseling. Prior to that, I was an educator where I taught a wide range of ages and grades for eight years.  Working at Canyon as the school counselor is the perfect role for me as it allows me to work in both professions I love, education and mental health.


     It is my absolute pleasure to be pioneering the Peoria Unified School Districts social worker/counselor program here at Canyon.  This is a brand-new program in our elementary schools this year, which means we have the freedom to adapt and grow the program to meet the unique needs of our Canyon students.


    So, what does a social worker/school counselor do? My role at Canyon is multifaceted and fluid, however, here are some highlights:


    • Assess student’s mental health needs
    • Support teachers with behavior management
    • Supporting student’s social emotional development
    • Crisis intervention
    • Conducting small groups for unique needs such as anger management or social skills
    • Provide resources for basic needs
    • Provide resources for further mental health treatment
    • Psychoeducation for parents and teachers in support of children’s mental health needs
    • Collaboration with community support partners


    I am looking forward to whatever this new school year brings us.  Shine on, Canyon!


    In the event of a mental health emergency, contact 911.



    • The work that I do with your child does not in any way replace their private therapy, psychological, or psychiatric services.
    • I am a mandated reporter, and any information shared with me that could indicate a threat to a child or an adult requires reporting to proper authorities.  




    Crisis Response Network (Mobile Crisis Team)



    Sondermind- Resource for finding the right mental health therapist for your needs and covered by your insurance

    Sonder Mind


    Find Help Phoenix- Resource for free, and low-cost services in Maricopa County

    Find Help Phoenix

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