Canyon’s focus is on the individual greatness found in each and every one of us. We are committed to nurturing the leader within our students and fostering a “growth mindset”. This means we believe talents can be developed through hard work, self-reflection, and collaboration with others. Our students believe they can achieve!

          Our school offers leadership opportunities through clubs and responsibilities. One of those is our student-led school campus tours. If you or someone you know would like to learn more about our campus, walk the grounds or visit a classroom please call the front office. Join us in the efort to provide skills and support the traits young learners need to succeed. Canyon students will be college and career-ready!


    So, why make Canyon your school of choice?


    • We proudly serve Peoria Unified School District , a well respected  district in the west valley.
    • We are home to a specialized school, the Sunflower School serving students with special needs. This offers opportunities for all students to thrive in a supportive culture.
    • Canyon is known as the hidden "gem" of the district. Hidden in a Glendale neighborhood on Paradise Lane, Canyon & Sunflower host a beautiful campus filled with trees and large playgrounds for students to play on.
    • Canyon has served families for 26 years from oldest to youngest child...

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