Principal's Message

  • Dear Bengal Families,

    It has been a pleasure to serve the Sun Valley community the during the past school year.  Thank you for the warm welcome and support as we worked to educate your Children through a worldwide pandemic. The 2020-2021 school year marked my 17th year in education and was quite different than any of the previous 16! Although different, it was one of the most rewarding as I got to work with a group of teachers who love the students, parents, and community we serve.

    As I begin my second year at Sun Valley, I have been reflecting on the traditions we have, the deep-rooted ties to the community and the growth we will continue to make. The deep-rooted belief in the community, is one of the many reasons I moved to serve in the Peoria Community.  I began my career in education in Oregon, where I was born and raised, and moved to Arizona with my husband for both of our careers. During my career, I have been a teacher, a school improvement coach, assistant principal, turn around principal of a 4th-8th grade school, and director of teaching and learning.  However, my favorite role has been principal, where I get to work daily with students, teachers, and the community.  I truly believe the work done in schools is some of the most important work done in this world.

    As an educator, I live by the quote, “live, laugh, learn, love, lead, and leave a legacy.”  I believe that our school should be a place where children learn what they need for life, a place where they can laugh and have fun, learn academics and social skills, become leaders, and are part of the legacy that helps us build a better future.  This is the type of school I want my three children to attend, as I often say I have 753 kids, three that live in my home and 750 that I serve.

    Sun Valley has truly become a piece of my heart.  We are working to ensure that every student feels valued and is provided the instruction that they need to grow and be successful in their lives.

    I live by open, honest, and direct, which means I am open to any and all of your ideas and want to partner with you as we educate your child.


    Paige E. Brill