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  • Sunset Heights PTSO

    Welcome all parents/guardians and staff members of Sunset Heights.  It’s crazy to think that we are in the 7th year as a school and facing our most challenging one yet!  Some of the things PTSO has accomplished over the years include the digital marquee, installed sunshades, and just last year donated a large sum to the school for computer upgrades.  PTSO has also held community events and sponsored scholarships.  

    Although this 2020-21 school year we are limited in planning events, our board is still active behind the scenes.  We have provided teacher appreciations (coffee, ice cream and staff shirts), organized spirit wear sales and have a few other things in the works so please stay tuned! 

    Sunset Heights PTSO is proud to support our school and community and can’t be successful without you!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in person or send us an email!

    Board Members

    • Co-Presidents: Casey Garrett & Angela McBee
    • Vice Presidents: Jackie Wiersma
    • Treasurer: Patti Weiner
    • Communications: Jennifer Jimenez 


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