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  • Hello Santa Fe Parents and Guardians;

    I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Sandra Solis and I’m the  PTSA President. I look forward to serving in this capacity and hope to be able to continue the enjoyable, fun and educational PTSA sponsored events of the past.

    In order to be successful we need your support and assistance, especially via volunteering. Volunteering and becoming involved at your child’s school won’t just be beneficial to your child, schoolmates and the community, it will also benefit you too.

    I’m happy to announce that our email is up and running. Our Facebook will start having up to date information. If you would like to get updates from the PTSA, please email us and we would gladly add you to the list to make sure that you are aware of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

    Together we can make this one of the best school years for Santa Fe Elementary and our children.


    PTSA Contact Information


    Facebook: santafePTSA

    10 Reasons to Join PTSA