Vistancia Elementary Nurse’s Office

  • Nurse: Heather Robinson
    Nurse Assistant: Jamie Pray

    Nurse’s Office: 623-773-6504
    Fax #: 623-773-6507



  • Hello Vistancia Families!

    My name is Heather Robinson, and I am the School Nurse at Vistancia Elementary School.  As the 2019-2020 school year approaches, I wanted to take a moment to review some important information.


    The Health Office will be open before school starts on:


    Thursday 8/1/19: 12pm-4pm

    Friday 8/2/19: 12pm-3pm

    Tuesday 8/6/19: 8am-4pm


    (The Health Office will be closed all day on Monday 8/5/19 for meetings off campus.) 

    You are welcome to stop by before school starts to drop off your student's medications during the office hours listed above.

    Expired medications will not be accepted (or administered).  This includes Epi Pens, inhalers, nebulizer solutions, and any other prescription or over-the-counter medication you would like to store in the Health Office during the school year.

    All prescription medications must include a pharmacy prescription label and the instructions for administration.  Medications will be administered in the dosage amounts at the times listed on the pharmacy label -- NO EXCEPTIONS.  Your pharmacist can provide you with a second bottle/prescription label, so you have one for home and one for school, if needed. 

    A consent form is required for each individual medication stored in the Health Office, including over-the-counter medications.  The permission slip must include the time of medication administration, as well as instructions and a parent/guardian signature.  A blank copy of the “Consent to Administer Med” form is loaded on our webpage at:


    Click Here For Consent to Administer Med Form


    If your child has received permission to self-carry their medication such as an inhaler or Epi-Pen, please fill out the “Consent to Self-Administer Med” form, also found on the webpage noted above.

    DO NOT SEND MEDICATIONS TO SCHOOL WITH YOUR CHILD.  A parent/guardian is required to drop off/pick up ALL medications at all times during the school year.  This includes short-term medication treatments that need to move from one parent's home to another's (such as antibiotics).

    PUSD is required to abide by laws as they pertain to immunizations.  The state will be auditing ALL kindergarten and 6th grade classes in order to monitor immunization compliance.  Please check with your child's doctor to make sure their immunizations are current.  Please provide the Health Office with a copy of your child’s up-to-date immunization record so that we can update their electronic file accordingly.  You can find out more information about the Arizona Immunization Program HERE:


    Click Here for Arizona Immunization Program Information



    All students with a medical condition which may require monitoring or management while at school are required to have current orders on file from their doctor. (For example: asthma, seizures, migraines, diabetes, life-threatening allergies, etc.)  Please contact your child's doctor or specialist for assistance in obtaining the necessary school paperwork.  All required forms are loaded on our website at:


    Click Here to Print Health Plan - Doctor's Order Forms


    Students with life-threatening food allergies need to also submit a “Cafeteria” form with regards to their seating preference in our cafeteria.


    If your student requires special dietary accommodations, a "Special Dietary Needs Form" must be completed by both the physician and parent/guardian, then returned to the Food and Nutrition Department.  The school will make every effort to help your child avoid exposure to allergens.  Noted below is a link to the FAQ page regarding dietary accommodations as well as instructions on how to access the form.


    Click Here for Special Dietary Needs Form



    Please ensure that your contact information is up-to-date in our computer system.  It is imperative that the Health Office be able to reach you in the unlikely event that your child becomes ill during the school day. 

    In addition, please update your Tylenol preference on-line, through ParentVue.  We will not be sending home paper Tylenol forms this year.   


    The Health Office monthly newsletters will begin again in September.


    Both I and/or Mrs. Jamie Pray, the Health Office Assistant, will be available for questions during “Back to School Night” on Monday, August 5th from 5pm-6:30pm!


    Thank you for taking time to review the Health Office guidelines.  I hope you and yours enjoy the rest of your summer!

    Heather Robinson, R.N.

    School Nurse

    Vistancia Elementary

    Phone: 623-773-6504






  • Click Here for Cafeteria Form