Cross Country Team

  • Mr. Levan, our coach since Frontier first opened 17 years ago, leads a team formed of both boys and girls, grades 5th through 8th. 4th graders can run if they have an older sibling on the team. We practice 5 days a week starting at 5:45 in the morning. The members are very dedicated. They do not just show up and run; they learn how to run with proper form, race strategies, specific warm-up routines, core fitness, speed work, distance work and most of all, fun. A lot of the athletes start with the voluntary summer running  program offered.

    In the 19 years that Frontier has been open, the Cross Country team has finished 1st or 2nd in 17 of those years. Frontier has 20 District Championships, 13 runner-ups and 19 Individual Champions. In the last 4 years we have had several runners run at USATF Junior Olympic Nationals.

    A remarkable member of our team is Tatum Jaeger, who has won USATF state Cross Country Championship 3 years in a row! She is running at USATF Junior Olympic Nationals this Saturday (12/10/16) in Hoover, Alabama. Go Tatum!

    3 things that coach Levan likes to emphasize on the team are:

    1. Teach how to run which means form, pacing, race day strategies, proper warm-up and cool down.
    2. The mental aspect to running which includes pushing not to stop when running distance, having confidence, striving to do your best, working on proper hydration and nutrition.
    3. And last but not least have FUN. Enjoy the work, the accomplishments and competition.


    Picture of Cross Country team


Picture of Cross Country members


  • Coach Richard Levan