• No Pass, No Play:

    • State Board of Education Rule R7-208 as mandated by the Arizona State Legislature requires that each school district must have in place a "No Pass, No Play" policy.  The Peoria Unified School District views this policy as a tool for motivating student athletes to be successful in their academic subjects.  District policy requires the following:
      • Student athletes receive a weekly grade check to determine their eligibility to participate in athletic competitions.
      • A student must receive a passing grade in all enrolled classes on the weekly grade check preceding the contest or performance.
      • When a student's grade falls at or below 65% (+or- 2%), the student must be warned of potential ineligibility.  Warning of potential ineligibility must take place before ineligibility is declared.
      • Ineligibility is declared on Friday and the student is ineligible beginning the following Monday.
      • Students are ineligible until they earn a passing grade.
      • Student athletes with an Individual Education Plan or 504 accommodations must continue to make adequate progress toward achieving their goals to be eligible to participate.

    Participation Fee:

    • An elementary athletic participation fee of $25.00 per student with a maximum of $50.00 per family, per year will be charged. This fee will cover all sports the student participates in throughout the year.


    Register My Athlete gives parents the opportunity to register their student(s) for extracurricular participation at any Peoria Unified School District high school. Please follow the process below to register your student-athlete.

    1. Go to www.registermyathlete.com

    2. Create an account as the Parent/Guardian.

    a. Complete the required fields.

    b. Create your password and security questions.

    c. Click “Create Account”

    3. Print: “Account Details” and then click “Got It, I’m Done Here”  

    4. Accept the Terms of Use and Login  

    5. Click “Start a New Registration”.

    a. Select the school you plan to attend.

     6. Create the Athlete Profile

    a. Click “Choose Your Athlete”.

    b. Select “Add New Athlete”.

    c. This only needs to be done once during a student’s high school career.

    d. This information will carry over from year-to-year.

    e. Enter required contact information and medical information.

    f. Agree to keep all information up to date.

     7. Register for a Sport/Activity

    a. Select the correct school year.

    b. Choose the sports/activities you wish to participate in.

    c. Complete the Registration Checklist i. Guardian Information

    ii. Insurance Information

    iii. Medical Information

    d. Complete electronic signatures and documents.

    e. Upload required documents:

     i. AIA Physical and PUSD Release of Liability

    ii. AIA Academy certificates (directions below)

     8. Repeat Steps 4 – 6 for additional students.



    AIA Academy Courses (both courses only need to be done once for the 4 years of High School)

    • Go to AIA website https://academy.azpreps365.com/

    • Click on the “get started”.

    • Register as a student – if already completed print current certificates.

    • Follow the directions as you go through the Brainbook and Opioid Education course.

    • Print or Download certificates and upload to Register My Athlete.


    Register My Athlete Technical Support Information

    E-mail support: support@registermyathlete.com

    Phone support: (435) 213-1601