• 2021-2022 (pdf file)

    • Parkridge Elementary
      2nd Grade Suggested Supply List
      Please come prepared on Wednesday with the following in your backpack:
    •  School box preferred: 8x5 Sterilite brand
      Please have the following in your school box:
      1. 2 glue sticks
      2. 1 pair of Fiskars scissors
      3. 1 large white eraser
      4. 1 box of 24 crayons (no more than 24)
      5. 1 dry erase marker
      6. 1 white board eraser (small)
      7. 1 highlighter
      8. 3 sharpened pencils (please do not bring a sharpener)
      ***please make sure you can close your school box with these items***
      Please have the following to supply you for the school year- this will go to your teacher so
      please have separate:
    •  Large water bottle w/ your name- no drinking fountains
    •  2 pocket folders (one red/ one blue)– I will label for you
    •  1 plastic folder w/ 3 prongs
    •  1- (1 inch) 3 ring binder
    •  2- spiral notebooks
    •  Over-the ear headphones
    •  Lanyard for your mask (if masks are required)
    •  Pack of 10 glue sticks or more
    •  Pack of dry erase markers
    •  Pack of highlighters
    •  Clorox or Lysol wipes
    •  Hand sanitizer
    •  $10 donation for your students’ AR reading program subscription. Cash or check made out to Parkridge
      Classroom Wish-List
      The following items are always needed and welcomed throughout
      the year. Please pick 3 items below to donate to the class.
      Thank you so much!
    •  Pack of colored copy paper
    •  Pack of white card stock
    •  Pack of color card stock
    •  Box of tissue
    •  Sandwich or gallon size Ziploc bags
    •  2.5 gallon Ziploc bags (these are used to protect library books)
    •  Post-it notes
    •  Extra glue sticks
    •  Highlighters
    •  Dry erase markers
    •  White board erasers (small)
    •  Classroom rewards such as:
      o Bookmarks
      o Fun tiny erasers
      o Fun pencils
      o Stickers
      o Starbursts