• 2021-2022 LIST (PDF FILE)

    •  Parkridge Elementary
      Junior High Suggested Supply List
      At the beginning of the school year when students have received their
      schedules, we will provide a list of specific supplies needed for
      individual classes.
      For All Classes:
    •  1 mask to wear and 1 spare mask to keep in backpack
    •  Reusable water bottle
    •  Backpack
    •  #2 pencils (regular or mechanical)
    •  Blue, black, and red pens
    •  Index cards (ongoing throughout year)
    •  College-ruled loose-leaf notebook paper (multiple packages)
    •  Whiteboard chisel point markers (ongoing throughout the year – at least 6)
    •  Whiteboard eraser or clean old sock
    •  Highlighters (at least five different colors)
    •  Colored pencils
    •  Pair of scissors
    •  Glue sticks (at least 2 – ongoing through the year)
    •  Minimum of four packages small (2 ⅞” x 2 ⅞”) multiple colored sticky notes (ongoing
      throughout year)
    •  70-page spiral notebooks or composition books for some classes
    •  3-ring binders for some classes
    •  Optional: large erasers, pencil cap erasers, hand-held pencil sharpener, pencil case
      For TLC class:
      Personal use:
    •  One pair of earbuds with at least a three-foot cord (no headphones will be permitted).
      Headsets will not be provided in TLC.
      Not required, but appreciated:
    •  Disinfectant wipes for teacher use in cleaning keyboards
    •  Box of tissues
      For Homeroom:
    •  2 boxes of tissue
    •  Disinfectant wipes
    •  Hand sanitizer
    •  Optional: Large ream of colored cardstock (any bright color)