• 2021-2022 LIST (PDF FILE)

    • Parkridge Elementary
      5th-8th Grade Band Suggested Supply
      For ALL band students:
    •  Rent a good-quality instrument. Instruments made of non-standard colors are not
      good-quality instruments. Contact Mrs. Melkin for brand suggestions!
    •  all necessary instrument accessories (will be specified in the band handbook)
    •  a pencil to keep in your instrument case
    •  for your music:
    •  Tradition of Excellence, Book 1, by Bruce Pearson and Ryan Nowlin, for your
      instrument (for all 5th and 6th grade band students)
    •  a 1” binder (for all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade band students)
      All Flute Players:
    •  a cleaning rod (no “Padsavers” allowed!)
    •  a small thin, cloth
      All Clarinet Players:
    •  a box of TEN reeds (brand Rico, Rico Royal, or VanDoren)
    •  5th and 6th graders: strength 2 ½
    •  7th and 8th graders: strength 3
    •  a reed case
    •  a thin swab (no “Padsavers” allowed!)
    •  cork grease
      All Saxophone Players:
    •  a box of TEN reeds (brand Rico, Rico Royal, or VanDoren), strength 2 ½
    •  a reed case
    •  a swab (no “Padsavers” allowed!)
    •  a neck strap
      All Trumpet, Baritone, and Tuba Players:
    •  valve oil (brand Al Cass or Blue Juice)
    •  an old, clean washcloth
      All Horn Players:
    •  rotor oil
    •  an old, clean washcloth
      All Trombone Players:
    •  slide cream (brand Trombotine)
    •  an old, clean washcloth
    •  a small spray bottle
      All Percussion:
    •  a drum pad
    •  Vic Firth 7a/5a sticks, or comparable brand