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Victory with Honor!!


    Sports Seasons:

    August - October

    Boys' Softball:


    Girls'  Softball:

    Coach Denis Ryan


    November - January:

    Girls' Volleyball:

    Coach Taylor Leonard and Coach Mike Leonard

    Boys' Football:

    Coach Tom Jones 


    Cross Country:

    Coach Alvarez, Coach Kassie and Coach Alex

    February - April:

    Girls' Basketball:

    Coach Taylor Leonard 

    Boys' Basketball:

    Coach Joe Goguen


    7th & 8th Track and Field

    Coach Derr, Coach Price


  • Athlete Information

    Sundance Elementary believes that athletics is an integral part of the educational experience of the whole child. From its opening in 1982 until now, our school has a rich history in athletics with 15 District Championships and 20 runner-ups. We pride ourselves on not only our athletic ability, but also the character, values and good sportsmanship of our student-athletes, coaches and staff. Our school offers Football, Volleyball, Softball, Basketball for 7th and 8th grade as well as Cross Country (3rd-8th grade) and Track and Field (5th-8th grade). Through healthy competition, we hope to instill life-long character traits including teamwork, responsibility and work ethic. Our pride stays with us even when we leave Sundance.

     “Once an Aztec, Always an Aztec”



    The student participation fee is $25. There is a family maximum per year of $50. This fee is paid once a year by all athletes and covers all sports for the school year. Once an athlete makes a team,the fee is due before the first game and is paid through Register My Athlete.



    Students must maintain a passing grade in all classes in order to participate in extra-curricular activities. Grades are checked by the teachers each week. If a student is failing a class, they will be notified and have one week to raise the grade. If, after a week, they are still not passing they will be ineligible for that week's games.



    There is no paper athletic registration anymore.  The online registration replaces this method.  It is also important that a student is completed "ready for tryouts" on "Register My Athlete" PRIOR to tryouts.  An athlete will not be allowed to do anything until they have been cleared in RMA.  They do not have to pay their fee for tryouts. That happens after they make the team.


    Here is the link to Register My Athlete: