CLUBS LIST | 2023-2024


    AFJROTC- Students interested in Leadership & Aerospace    (B-210/214)

    Maj. Ray McPherson


    ART CLUB- For those interested in developing artistic skills and implementation and creation of artwork throughout campus (Room 1202)

    Tonia Richter


    AVID- Students interested in attending and graduating college

    Curtis Aylward (B-147)


    BAND- Marching, jazz, and concert bands (PAC, Band Room)

    Jeffrey Malone


    BOYS STATE CLUB- For those interested in a summer experience to learn about government (MET/Old Main)

    Dolores Posey


    CHOIR- Students interested in vocal performances  (PAC, Choir Room)

    Katherine Gonzalez


     COOP EDRISING- For Sophomore, Juniors, and Seniors enrolled or have been enrolled in COOP: Child Development (B-149)

    Matthew Fishencord


    CULINARY- Students interested in cooking and/or baking 

    Haley Morse


    DANCE CLUB- Students interested in dance performances (PAC Dance Room)

    Carissa Eubank


    DECA- Students interested in business & marketing (B-115)

    John Hay


    FFA- Students interested in agriculture & leadership (18113, 18118, 18120)

    James Kaltenbach,Jared Biciolis,& Kevin Norris


    FILM CLUB- For those students interesed in analyzing film. (A-139)

    Kyle Deminie


    FRESHMAN CLASS STUCO-  For Freshman interested in Student Council (SC-311)

    Theresa Fuller


    FUEL UP TO PLAY 60- For students who desire healthy choices and physical activities for our school and community. (SC-311)

    Theresa Fuller


    GAY-STRAIGHT ALLIANCE CLUB - Students interested in a safe place to educate, advocate and support (A-139)

    Kyle Deminie








    JOBS FOR ARIZONA GRADUATES- Helping sophomores & juniors make career transitions  (B-146)

    Holly Holgate and Jonalyn Carmichael


    JUNIOR CLASS STUCO - Juniors interested in student council (B-125)

    Jennifer McNutt


    MAT MAIDS- Students interested in supporting wrestlers during meets



    MEDIA TECH CLUB- Students interested in digital media (A-210)

    Steve Treguboff



    MESA- Students interested in careers involving math & science

    David Hill


    NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY- Juniors & seniors excelling and interested in community service (B-236)

    Brenda Bush-Hanson

    OTACON- Students interested in Japanese Culture, anime, & gaming (A-139)

    Kyle Deminie 


    SENIOR CLASS STUCO- Seniors interested in student council (B-217)

    Craig Treese


    SKILLS USA CLUB- BUILDING TRADES AND WELDING ORGANIZATION- Students interested in building trades. (Industrial Tech 18111)

    Dave Severn


    SOPHOMORE CLASS STUCO- Sophomores intrested in student council


    SPIRITLINE- For students interested in cheerleading 

    Monique Harrell


    SPORTS MEDICINE- Students interested in after school sports physical fitness, prevention, & treatment (SC-347)

    Josh Moore



    Jennifer McNutt


    THEATER CLUB- Students interested in the dramatic arts

    Javier Gonzalez


    WINTER GUARD- Students interested in indoor percussion (Band Room)

    Jeff Malone


    YEARBOOK-Students interested in creating our school’s yearbook

    Sam Wishner