Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures

  • The process to develop a successful student pick-up/drop off plan is a cooperative effort involving parents, school officials, and City of Peoria staff.


    Bus students will be dropped off and picked up in the south parking lot in front of the cafeteria.  This lot is designated for staff parking.  For the safety of our students, please do not use this lot for student pick up.


    Students who ride bikes or walk will follow the enclosed map provided by the City of Peoria.   Please note the gate on the east side of the playground behind the baseball diamond has not been designated as a safe route to school.  The gate must remain locked before and after school until further advised by District officials and City of Peoria staff.  Until that time, all students are asked to enter through the front entrance of the school.


    For  parents who drive students to school:


    Kindergarten:  Enter campus through north parking lot.  You may use the passing zone in front of the building to drop off in front of the kindergarten playground.  Pick up will be a little north of the kindergarten playground.


    1st – 4th:  Enter campus through the driveway next to the park.  Continue to the roundabout area in front of the primary playground.  This is the area where students should exit.  You may use the passing zone in front of the building to proceed to the drop off area on the north side of building.  Exit through the visitor parking lot.


    5th -8th:  Enter campus through the north parking lot.  Pull to the designated area in front of the office to drop off or pick up students.  Exit through the visitor parking lot.


    Here are a few tips to remember for safely loading or dropping off students:


    Vehicles waiting to load students in the loading lane cannot be left unattended.  The loading lane can never be used as parent parking, even for short-term stops.   Anyone who leaves his vehicle for any reason must use a designated parking space in the lot. 

    Up to three vehicles along the curb should load simultaneously.  Once all these vehicles have pulled away, the next group of vehicles pulls all the way forward to the end of the loading area.

    It is not recommended to load more than three vehicles at a time.  Loading too many vehicles slows the traffic flow because it requires some students to walk longer distances to get to their vehicles.  Meanwhile, vehicles closer to the group of students will leave the parking lot, leaving a space in the loading area not being used.

    Thank you in advance for your patience as we monitor traffic flow through the first week of school to make the pick-up /drop-off area a safe place for students and a smooth transition from school to home.




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