Welcome back Lake Pleasant Families!


    It’s that time again. The new school year is finally here! Let me introduce myself and the staff that works here in the Health Office. My name is Susan Wilson. I am a graduate of GCU (Go LOPES!!). This is my second year here at Lake Pleasant. I am a mom of 2 kiddos (both Liberty graduates). I have been married for 27+ years to my high school sweetheart. We are part of this community. I raised my kids here and they even went to this school when they were little. Loved it so much I had to be here! I have an open-door policy so please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

    The assistant is Shemeka Beckman. Mrs. Beckman has been here for 5 years! Shemeka has earned her stripes and is able to run this whole thing without me! Don’t ever hesitate to speak with her if I am not here or even if she answers the phone. She knows more than I do around here. =)

    To the business of Health Office. In the Health office we handle immunizations, state mandated vision and hearing testing, little fixes such a tummy aches, cuts and scrapes, and big things like head bumps/injuries. We would also be the place they would send a kiddo with a head injury, fevers, vomiting, and injuries among other things. Let’s get to the meat and potatoes.



    The State of Arizona requires students to be immunized prior to attending school. Your child’s pediatrician should be able to tell you what is due and when they are due in the future. Arizona Department of Health Services has the immunizations schedule complete with ages. If you are choosing to not immunize, there is a form for exemptions from the ADHS we can give you or, you may get it on their website.

    www.azdhs.gov (Under the “topics” tab)




    Masks will continue to be optional, but are recommended for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals while indoors, during times of substantial or high transmission, per the CDC and Arizona Department of Health Services. You can view the transmission rates in our community on the Maricopa County Department of Public Health dashboard (MCDPH) for schools. Despite these recommendations, under Arizona State law (A.R.S. § 15-342.05), Peoria Unified cannot require face coverings for students or staff inside our school and district buildings.

    Peoria Unified’s legal counsel recently clarified a federal order requiring masks on public transportation to include school buses and district vehicles. They advised the district that the federal order should be understood to supersede the contradictory state law. Starting tomorrow, face coverings will be required on all school buses, district vehicles and any transportation contracted by Peoria Unified until we are told otherwise.

    Vaccinations Per Arizona State law (A.R.S. § 15-342.05), the district cannot require students, staff or visitors to be vaccinated. For information on vaccines, visit MCDPH’s website.


    Positive Cases and Quarantine

    When a school or site is notified of a positive case, it will be reported to MCDPH and the student or staff member will need to follow MCDPH home isolation guidance.

    As a courtesy, the Peoria Unified School District will notify the parents of students who are believed to be a close contact and will recommend that the student begin to follow MCDPH’s quarantine guidance. The decision to isolate and/or quarantine is made by MCDPH, and the district is required by law to exclude students from participating in school for the duration of the isolation or quarantine period. During this time, teachers will provide the student with work to support their learning at home.


    Communication Regarding Cases

    In light of current trends in transmission rates for our community and in the interest of transparency, Peoria Unified School District will be resuming the school-by-school COVID-19 dashboard for the 2021-22 school year. We are in the process of developing the new dashboard and will begin our updates the week after school starts.

    Peoria Unified’s safety strategies allowed our school district to lead reopening efforts last year and to stay open to in-person when many districts remained closed. We are committed to providing a safe in-person learning environment and look forward to a great start to the new year. The district’s complete mitigation plan can be found on our COVID-19 mitigation website, but if you have additional questions regarding school safety, please reach out to your school principal.



    IF your student(s) has/have medications they will need to take at school, you may bring the medication in, and you will need to sign a form giving us permission to administer the medication. At the end of the school year, a parent MUST come and pick up the medication. We will always make attempts to get the medication back to the family it belongs to, however, if we are unable to make contact, we must destroy them. Below is more detailed information.

    Administration of Medication Prescribed By a Physician

    * The Law (ARS15-344) requires that medication must be delivered to the nurse in the prescription container as prepared by the pharmacist. The number of pills may be documented upon receipt by the school nurse.

    * The prescription label must bear the student’s name, current date, name of medication, dosage and the time to be given.

    * Please ask your pharmacist to fill the prescription in both home and school containers.

    * It is recommended that no more than a 30 day supply be maintained at school.

    * The school nurse may consult with the physician regarding medication.

    Administration of Non-Prescription Medications

    * The Law (ARS15-344) requires that medication must be delivered to the nurse in the original container as packaged by the manufacturer and labeled with the student’s name.

    * Dosage must be in keeping with the manufacturer’s recommendations as printed on the label.

    * The school nurse may request a medical evaluation and may require a physician’s order giving permission to administer non-prescription medication, non-traditional medication or food supplements.

    * A printed form provided by the district must be completed by the parent /guardian authorizing administration of medication/and or food supplements at school. A temporary hand-written note may be honored for one dose/day and must be followed by the school district form.

    * Medication should not be carried back and forth from home to school by the student. This is to protect the student against theft or misuse of his/her medication.



    If you happen to buy extra, we are always in need of bottled water, washed clothing for all ages, and feminine sanitary supplies, wipes (Lysol type), and Lysol spray.

    Our goal in this office is to keep our kiddos in school and help them get the best out of their little bodies so they can learn, grow, and go change the world!!


    Parent contact:

    It is not a general rule to contact a parent each time their student comes into the health office. With 1100 students, this could be very daunting. We do call for head injuries, fevers, vomiting, bodily injury, they need Tylenol and we do not have permission online or on paper to administer, or if we are at a stand still and the student feels unable to go back to class even though everything checks out otherwise. As moms, we know that YOU know your kiddos better than we do and if we may not see something, you may hear something or have a different thought. If you would like to have us, call for each encounter, we can do that but we would like to have a parent all and notify us of this preference (or email).


    Please do not hesitate to contact our office should you need anything. We are here to support you and your kiddo.

    Health Office

    Nurse Susan and Mrs. Beckman (Miss Shemeka)


Be Safe & Healthy!