• Schedule a Tour!  

    Peoria Unified invites all families, employees and the community to tour and observe our schools!  

    Tours of our school are an excellent way to see what our rigorous learning environments look like in action each day. Transparency with our parents and community remains a top priority and tours allow us to do just that.  

    To schedule a tour please email our school’s principal 


    Please note that in accordance with Governing Board Policy KI, principals have the ability to cancel a tour should it present a safety risk to Peoria Unified staff or students.  




    Peoria Unified Governing Board Policy KI: Visitors to Schools

    The Superintendent shall establish school-visit procedures for the control of persons other than school personnel or students who enter District premises.  Such procedures shall permit full use of all legal means to ensure that students, employees, and District property are properly safeguarded.  No person, other than one who is a peace officer or one who has obtained specific authorization from the appropriate school administrator, shall carry or possess a weapon on school grounds.

    No visit, tour or observation shall be permitted if it threatens the health and safety of the pupils and staff.

    Parent  and  Prospective
    Parent  Visitors

    The Superintendent shall develop procedures to allow for visits, tours and observations of all classrooms by parents of enrolled pupils and parents who wish to enroll their children in the school district. See Regulation KI-R.

    Parent and prospective parent visit, tour and observation policies shall be easily accessible from the home page of each school’s website.

    Mask  or  Face  Coverings
    not  Required

    The District does not require masks or face coverings anywhere on the District’s premises except where long-standing workplace safety and infection control measures that are unrelated to COVID-19 may be required. 

    Adopted:  October 13, 2022


    AD - Educational Philosophy/School District Mission
    BBA - Board Powers and Responsibilities
    KFA - Public Conduct on School Property