• Kindergarten

    (2) 18 ct. Crayola Crayons

    (2) 10 ct. Crayola Washable Markers

    (12) Plain Yellow 3-hole 2 pocket folders. Please place them into 2’ binder.

    (12) Plain Blue 2 pocket folders with brads.

    (30) Glue Sticks

    ( 2) or more Boxes of Kleenex

    ( 1) or more box(es) of Baby Wipes

    ( 6) Black Erase Markers (3 thin and 3 thick)

    ( 1) Children’s Scissors

    2“ Plain White Binder Please write your child’s name on it.

    3 doz. Clear Page Protectors

    Please choose One or More of the following to donate for our playground equipment: Sand Toy, Sport’s Balls (Soccer, Football, Nerf, Kickball, basketball, or rubber ball)

    Optional this needed:

    Sidewalk Chalk

    Party Toys/dollar store toys/Mc Donald’s’ toys for treasure box

    Small stuffed toys for reading incentives

    Jump ropes

    Ziplock Bags Gallon and snack preferred