A tardy student is defined as any student who is not inside the classroom when the tardy bell rings.  To address this occurrence, especially at the start of first hour, Tardy Practices have been established.



    To reduce classroom interruptions caused by students arriving late to class
    To reduce the number of students loitering on campus.
    To teach the “lifelong” skills of promptness.

    Tardy: Defined as when a student arrives into the classroom after the last bell has rung – without a pass.

    Excused Tardy: Defined as a student who has an excused pass to class from the Attendance Office.



    Students who arrive after the final bell – with an unexcused tardy – will be sent to first hour suspension. First hour suspension will be held in the Library. Students will remain in there for the duration of 1st hour. Once a student reaches his/her sixth 1st hour suspension, an off campus suspension will result with each following tardy.


    2nd – 5th HOUR TARDIES


    Consequences for Unexcused Tardies - Per Semester:


    • Tardies 1-5    No Consequence 
    • Tardies 6-14   Lunch Detention
    • Tardies 15+   Off Campus Suspension

    These tardies are CUMULATIVE per Semester, regardless of class period.



    District schools will enroll students in accordance with the open enrollment provisions set forth in State law and Governing Board Policy J-1050. The District requires that parents submit a request for open enrollment for the following year which is then reviewed by the school based on the student’s attendance, academic effort, appropriate school behavior and available space.


    If the pupil has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan, a meeting will be held with the parents prior to a decision about the student’s open enrollment status. This review process will include a district representative (knowledgeable in IDEA and/or Section 504) and the site administrator. The purpose of this review is to ensure that the reason for consideration of non-renewal does not violate the student’s rights under IDEA or Section 504. The outcome of this meeting will signal either an IEP/504 review or allow for the non-renewal of the open enrollment.