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    Mr. Haze

    To ensure that your child has a successful school year, I recommend he/she bring the following suggested items since most of these items will be used daily in our classroom. As the school year goes on, these items tend to run low, so anything that you can send in from this list (even if it is not on the list) would be GREATLY appreciated

    o Inexpensive headphones

    o Pencils (we use LOTS of these!)

    o Erasers

    o EXPO Products (Dry-erase markers, erasers, & whiteboard cleaner)

    o Tissues

    o Glue Sticks

    o Copy Paper (one ream of white copy paper)

    o Heavy Duty 2 Pocket Folder or Plastic 2 Pocket Folder (to bring home/back to school)

    o Highlighters

    o Healthy snacks (fruit, crackers, etc)

    Ms. O'Dell

    Suggested supply list O’Dell 3rd-4th 2021-2022




    2 folders



    Ms. Reuter

    1. Headphones/ earbuds

    2. Crayons, Markers or Colored Pencils

    3. Two pocket folders

    4. Loose Leaf Paper

    5. Glue Sticks

    6. Black Dry Erase markers

    7. White copy paper

    8. #2 pencils