Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why 1:1 Technology?

    A: The Peoria Unified School District and the Raymond S. Kellis High School Administration believe that the integration of technology is essential to motivating and engaging students in rigorous and relevant lessons. 1:1 technology provides anytime/anywhere learning and opens the doors to the critical thinking and problem solving skills that students need to compete and contribute in our local and the global society.


    Q: When will the 1:1 initiative begin?

    A: Students will be issued their laptop in January of 2017 after attending a mandatory orientation session, where they'll together sign a user agreement.


    Q: What devices will students receive?

    A: The Device is an HP ProBook 11EE G2 with touch screen.


    Q: What happens if a parent does not want the student to bring the device home?

    A: Parents may choose not to participate in the 1:1 Initiative.  Their students will still be allowed to utilize school laptops during the instructional day and then may utilize whatever alternate means their parents opt to provide for assignments that require the use of computers.


    Q: Can students use their own personal device instead of the school-issued device?

    A: In accordance with the Peoria Unified School District’s “Bring Your Own Device Policy,” students may bring their own devices provided that they connect them to the district’s WiFi system.  However, the district-supported devices may contain specific instructional software and support that is required for freshman classes.


    Q: How will students be prepared for the responsibility of having their own computing device?

    A: The 1:1 initiative will become a part of the student’s everyday classroom experience. RSK has developed a rigorous and intensive professional development plan for all teachers. This will ensure that teachers are able to teach your student how to use his or her device to its fullest potential. Your student will learn digital citizenship, Internet safety, collaborative communication skills and more. Students will also learn how to care for and protect their laptop.


    Q: What will prevent students from accessing inappropriate sites?

    A: Filtering software will be installed on each student’s device and will be active anywhere the student uses the computer.


    Q: How will the devices be managed?

    A: All freshman will receive their device at a parent information meeting at the beginning of the year.  The Peoria District offers a public “Digitial Citizenship” course on Moodle.  This course will help students to take responsibility for managing their devices.  Finally, Kellis freshman teachers will provide instruction regarding use of the devices, and district personnel will manage any maintenance or repair responsibilities.


    Q: What happens if a device is not working?

    A: Students whose devices are not working properly must bring them to the Student Bookstore on-campus as soon as possible.  The Bookstore will issue a temporary replacement laptop while district LAN techs work to repair and restore the malfunctioning device.


    Q: What will happen if a student does not bring his or her device to school?

    A: Students will still be responsible for the completion of their classwork, without the use of the device. The same expectations that apply when students forget a textbook or other class resource would apply to missing laptops. In some circumstances, teachers may be able to reserve school devices to assist students who accidentally leave their devices at home.


    Q: When will my student return his or her device?

    A: The device must be returned at the end of the school year, upon withdrawal from the school district, or upon request of a staff member. It must be returned in working condition and fines may be assessed for any damages to the device.


    Q: What happens if the device is lost or stolen?

    A: This initiative is an opportunity for our families, community, parents, and staff to demonstrate the character attribute of responsibility. However, if lost, the parent/guardian will need to pay the full replacement cost of the device. If a student loses his/her device, he/she will still be responsible for all classwork.


    Q: What if students don’t have Internet access at home?

    A: Teacher will provide some activities that can be completed offline.  Students without Internet access can stay after school Monday through Thursday to utilize computers with web access in the Kellis Library.


    Q: How should my child take care of their device?

    A: It is imperative to keep the devices clean and in working order. Below are some tips to care for device screens:

    • Be cautious about what is placed on the screen that could cause pressure, water and/or heat damage
    • Do not place the device between large books or in binders in a backpack
    • Clean the screen with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use Windex or harsh chemicals on screens
    • Each device comes with a power cord which should be used to charge it each evening at home. The charge should last throughout the school day.