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Kellis Clubs and Sponsors


    How to Join a Club

    Once you find a club that interests you, be sure to listen to the morning announcements for information on when and where groups will be meeting.  Also make sure to get information on club day, or contact the sponsor directly.


    How to Start a Club

    Ask a teacher to be an advisor for the club and then get the new club packet from Mrs. Fox in the front office.  All completed paperwork should be turned in to Mrs. Pyrum.


    RSK Club List 

    Art Club

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Julie Flaherty

    The Art Club is designed to encourage leadership in the visual arts through activities that expose students to the arts. Meeting time: Every other Thursday starting September 9th at 2:30 in room 2-106


    Sponsor:  Mr. Nathan Garrison

    Band is a place where students come together to learn about and play music. Band performs at many events throughout the year, including concerts, music festivals and competitions, and sporting events.  The band also works to promote spirit and community on campus. This is a class that students must be enrolled in to participate. 


    Sponsors:  Tonya Hollingsworth and Rebecca Goodnight-Bell

    Meeting time: Tuesdays, 2:30 in the Choir Room

    Ceramics Club

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Daisy Maestas

    Students can have fun and express their talents and abilities in the Ceramics Club. Meeting time: Tuesdays, 2:30 in the Ceramics Room

    Choir Club

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Rebecca Goodnight Bell

    The Choir Club is organized to promote the choir program at Raymond S. Kellis.  

    Club Unified Pride

    Sponsor:  Mr. Christopher Ensslin

    Club Unified Pride is an education and sports based strategy powered by an engaged youth community that increases athletic and leadership opportunities for students with and without intellectual disabilities, while creating communities of acceptance for all.


    Culinary Club

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Nichole Albrecht and Ms. Anza Hopper

    Students prepare food for different events and learn how to become great assets to the food industry. Meeting time: Every other Thursday starting 9/9, 2:20 in room 2-103 or 2-128


    Sponsor:  Ms. Ashley David-Watkins

    Dance is a welcoming club that dances with pride and determination. All levels of dance can come, no experience is necessary. We teach classes ranging from jazz, contemporary, hip ho0p, latin and everything in between. Can't wait to see your smiling face! Meeting time: Thursdays, 2:30 in the Dance Room


    Sponsor:  Tonya Hollingsworth

    DECA is a student run organization specifically designed to provide activities that will motivate students to learn marketing, management and entrepreneurial principles to better prepare them for jobs in business.  DECA members can choose to compete against other schools. Meeting time: Once a month on Tuesdays in room 1-101

    Drama Club

    Sponsor:  Ms. Molly Triveline

    Drama Club sponsors all plays and musicals at RSK.  It is open to all students both in and out of Theater Arts classes.  Participants can earn points towards becoming a member of the International Thespian Society. Meeting time: Tuesdays and Fridays, 2:30 in room 3-165



    Gay and Straight Alliance

    Sponsor: Mr. Nicholas Rolando

    GSA is a student-run organization that unites LGBTQ+ and allied youth to build communitiy and organize around issues impacting them in their school and communities. Meeting time: Tuesdays, 2:30 in room 1-226

    High Tea Book Club

    Sponsor: Ms. Anza Hopper

    Involves the discussion of books and high school life. The students gather to have tea and talk about what they are currently reading. This club is for students who are passionate abaout reading and want to discuss and share novels with their peers. Meeting time: Every other Thursday starting August 19th in the Library at 2:30


    Sponsors:  Mrs. Deidra Raymo

    HOSA is geared towards those students interested in entering the healthcare field. The club's emphasis is on community service and hosting activities that benefit the Kellis community such as blood drives, cancer awareness and diabetes.  Students can compete at the local and national level with other schools to increase their knowledge in healthcare. Students are able to gain a better understanding about healthcare occupations. Meeting time: Tuesdays, 2:30 in room 2-110

    Media Club (PSBN)

    Sponsors: Mr. Jeff Southwick

    Students in the media club run the announcements, create commercials, and broadcast RSK events. Media club members will learn how to use different software and programs to aide in video production.

    National Honor Society

    Sponsor:  Mr. Jared Miller and Mrs. Kaylee Kelson

    NHS is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students at RSK. Membership selection is by a faculty council and is based on outstanding scholarship, character, leadership and service. Students must apply and be inducted to join.

    Photo Club

    Sponsors :  Mr. Aaron Bujan

    In Photo Club students learn how to use a camera properly, how to take great photos and express their creativity. Meeting time: Every other Thursday starting September 9th in room 2-112

    Skills USA Law Enforcement

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Lisa Newman

    This club is available to active members of Law I or Law II classes.  Members practice their skills and compete against other high school students in selected areas. Meeting time: Wednesdays, 2:30 in room 1-125

    Sports Medicine:

    Sponsor: Mr. Jeff Barlow and Ms. Jennifer Vlasak

    The Athletic Training Club offers students an educational experience working with the various RSK athletic teams.  Athletic trainers help to evaluate, treat and rehabilitate athletic injuries. Trainers also provide emergency care of injuries during games and practices. Meeting time: Every day in the Athletic Training room at 2:30. Formal meetings 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.

    Speech & Debate

    Sponsor:  Ms. Suzanne Story

    Speech and Debate Club is organized to combine social activities with academic excellence.  This club's objective is to help students develop skills and confidence in the areas of public speaking, research, and debate. Meeting time: Mondays, 2:30 in room 1-259

    STEM Club / CTSO

    Sponsor:  Mr. Tracy Arnold and Mr. Paul Bolgiano

    STEM Club is designed to introduce students at RSK to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Meeting time: Tuesdays, 2:30 in room 2-118

    Student Council

    Sponsor:  Kelsey Kilburg

    Student Council is a leadership class that all members must be a part of.  Student council plans activities such as incoming and spirit weeks, dances, assemblies, community service projects, teacher appreciation and much more.  Elections for student council takes place in the spring, with the exception of freshman class elections, which occur in the fall. This is a class that students must be enrolled in to participate.

    Class Sponsors

    Seniors              Ms. AnnMarie Demeter
    Juniors               Ms. Lazmhy Gallo-Hernandez
    Sophomores       Mr. Richard Schumacher
    Freshmen           Ms. Sarah Alam and Mr. Nicholas Rolando    


    Sponsor:  Stephanie Fontes

    Students learn how to work as a team through club fundraisers and out-of-school activities, thereby creating a great yearbook. This is a class that students must be enrolled in to participate. 




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