• Community and Family Engagement (C.A.F.E) is an ongoing enterprise that brings those around our awesome school (families, businesses, faith based organizations, cultural organizations, educational institutions, arts organization) to help our school mission and vision and current initiatives grow and be better for the education of our Foothills students.


    Schools should trust and partner with these organizations for great ideas and pathways to better school success.


    Our C.A.F.E program will be initiated on January 24th, 2018. The event will happen at Cactus High School at  12:00PM.  In this event, Foothills Fine Arts Academy school administration will present their initiatives that we have developed over the past few years as a means for a more 21st Century school that focuses on highly engaged learning and student centered decisions.


    If you have received an invitation or received other notifications of the event, and you desire to attend, please click the link below and confirm your interest.



    C.A.F.E Confirmation