Foothills Fine Arts Academy

     The Foothills Arts Academy program is a studio based program that develops the skills of students who have the propensity to grow in ONE art form. These classes are taught by certified arts educators trained in the pedagogy of their focused arts area.   Students develop deeper skills in the art form and are able to use these skills in focused creative expressions. The 5th -8th grade students screen annually for the academy program and commit to one year of learning in the art form. Click the links on the left to learn more about each program.



    If you are thinking about attending Foothills for the 2018-19 school year and you are a 5th or 6th grader, please fill out the following application. If you are 7th or 8th grade student, please fill out this application. You can also call Foothills at 623-412-4625 for any information. Applications are available in the office as well.

    Please return the applications by April 6th.

    New Student Screening Day is on April 12th, 2018. Starts at 5:15PM