• Only one book captures this year's event and experiences, your 2023-2024 Centennial Yearbook.

    Order a book NOW to reserve a copy for your student. Students or parents can either order them in the bookstore or, for added convenience, parents can purchase online using a credit card https://www.jostens.com/apps/store/customer/1009191/Centennial-High-School/ and select the 2023-2024 yearbook.  Books will be on sale for $70.00 for the first semester. They will increase to $75.00 for the second semester.  You can purchase your yearbook until 4/29/2024.  

    Yearbook Purchasing information: The fastest and easiest way to purchase a yearbook is by buying it online at Jostens.com; you can scan the QR code below.  When you have successfully purchased a yearbook, PLEASE KEEP THE RECEIPT LOCATED IN YOUR EMAIL! Alternatively, you can purchase a yearbook through our bookstore.  

    Do not delay, order TODAY! 

    If you know someone who will purchase the yearbook for you, scan the below QR code. It will create a text that you can send to the person who is willing to purchase a yearbook for you. The text will have a link they can click on to purchase, they just need to find our school and it will take them to our Jostens' page.

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