Health Office

  • Regular Daily Schedule 7:00am - 2:45pm
    Medication Distribution Ends at 2pm


    Thank you for visiting the Centennial Health Office! Students who require medication during the school day must please visit the nurse to obtain the appropriate forms to store and take medication in the Health Office. Students cannot carry medication on campus. Parents must complete a consent form in order for their students to receive Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

    Our Health Office has a portable nebulizer for student use. Students must provide their own aerosol "T" mouthpiece, 02 tubing, medication, and saline. 

    State law requires all students attending school to maintain current immunizations.

    The Health office maintains two treatment areas:

    • Well and Injured student area
    • Ill student area

    Well Student Care:

    • Lie down
    • Use a heating pad
    • Hydration if needed

    Ill Student Care:

    • Temperature check
    • Rest
    • Hydration if needed
    • Re-evaluation
    • Send home if symptoms do not improve

    Please keep your contact information up to date in the event your child is sent home.

    Hearing and Vision Screening 

    Every year, the health office performs hearing and vision screenings.  Please review the district Notice of Vision and Hearing Screening to see which students will be screened.

    You can also visit the District Health page for more information.



  • Dinah Record, RN, BSN

    Anna Pugliese
    Nurse's Assistant