8th Grade Transition to 9th Grade


     Videos of our electives are placed here to help familiarize yourself with what courses we offer and a little bit about each.  These videos were designed for the 2020-2021 school year but still pertain to the current school year.




    Freshmen Elective List- Class of 2027

    Freshman Electives with Videos and Descriptions


Registration Due Date-December 12th


     December 12th

    High school counselors will meet with 8th grade teachers to collect completed student registration paperwork. Parent signatures are required on paperwork.



    Class of 2027  

    Freshmen Registration Form

Co-Enrollment Directions

  • Co-Enrollment Programs  -Use this link if you plan on taking a course at one of our high schools in the district other than Centennial.

     Step 1:  Click on the "Co-Enrollment Programs" link above and follow the directions.

    Step 2:  Print the "Co-Enrollment Transportation and Concent Form and Release Form " and staple it to your 9th grade registration form.