Why is the ACT Important?

  • The ACT is a nationally-recognized test that assesses a student’s likelihood of succeeding in college-level courses.  If you intend to go to a college or university, the ACT may be the most important test you will take as a high school student.  Students who perform well on the ACT are more likely to be admitted into selective universities and more likely to receive significant scholarship money in Arizona and nationwide.  Students typically pay $85 to take the ACT, but the Peoria Unified School District and Centennial High School offer the ACT for free to all juniors!

    • All Centennial freshmen take the ACT Aspire for free. ACT Aspire gauges students' growing proficiency in some of the introductory content that the ACT will assess their junior year.
    • Centennial sophomores can take the optional Pre-ACT to continue preparing for the junior-year ACT. The Pre-ACT costs $20 and is typically offfered in March.
    • All juniors take the ACT, typically in April. Our school offers a full-length practice test in March, in addition to after-school test prep sessions during the month that precedes the ACT.


    Presentation to Families *

    Handout For Juniors

    Handout for Sophomores

    Get to Know the ACT

    ACT, Practice Test, Tutoring, Etc.

    Pre-ACT Date & Information


Preparing for the ACT

  • Sophomores: Take the Pre-ACT

    Saturday, March 2nd@ 9:00 AM  

    Online RSVP Due by Thursday February 29th

    Pay in Bookstore $20.00 by Friday March 1st

    The Pre-ACT will familiarize sophomores with the content, difficulty, and format of the actual ACT.  Evidence indicates that sophomores who complete the Pre-ACT achieve higher ACT scores one year later as juniors.  The ACT is required for all juniors; the Pre-ACT is optional for sophomores.  While the ACT is free for juniors, the Pre-ACT costs $20.

    Sophomores can click here to RSVP online. (Students’ PUSD Login and Password Required)

    Students must arrive on time and bring their fully charged laptop, sharpened pencils and a calculator.


    Juniors: Attend After-School Tutoring Sessions

    Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

    February 26th  to March29th (No Sessions During Spreak Break)

    2:30 – 3:30 PM



    Mr. LeBeau

    (Room 205)


    English & Reading

    Mr. Gibbs

    (Room 504)



    Mr. Gibbs

    (Room 504)



    Mrs. Glick

    (Room 200)



    Juniors: Register for a Free Full-Length Practice Test

    Saturday, March 4th

    9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

    Online RSVP (Students' PUSD Login and Password Required)


    Bring your fully charged laptop as well as your copy of the “Preparing for the ACT” booklet and two sharpened pencils.  We will offer you a quiet environment to complete the entire practice test, just like you will on April 2nd.  We will grade your practice test together so that you leave understanding your strengths and the areas that you need to work on ahead of the real test on April 2nd  Juniors can click here to RSVP online. (Students’ PUSD Login and Password Required)



    Sophomores and Juniors: Take More Practice Tests Online

    The ACT’s website offers full online practice tests that simulate what students will experience when they complete the actual ACT online at Centennial.  Try these out for yourself: