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Meet Our Parent Candidates

  • Amanda Anchondo
    I have been serving at Oasis Elementary School since my daughter was in kindergarten, as a member of Site Council, as Treasurer of the Oasis PTSO, and as Oasis’ representative on the Peoria Unified Parent Council. I currently participate in Parent Connect and serve as a Volleyball booster. I love serving and feel a need to serve in my children’s community. I speak my mind respectfully to provide necessary feedback, I ask questions to gain knowledge, and I share my concerns so that our community and I can learn and grow. I want teach my children the importance of active parenting, responsibility, and serving one another. I will attend Governing Board meetings this year as well to stay knowledgeable of events and changes in our district.

    Maria Bonar
    I would like to actively participate in helping our future generations of leaders. I am strongly dedicated and hold myself accountable for all things that I engage in. I have a heart filled with compassion for our children.

    Denise Carlson
    I want my girls to see how much importance I place on their education by being involved with decisions that affect them at school.  I also want to connect with parents, teachers and staff to help with the growth of Centennial’s amazing community. I have served on this council for the last two years and I am proud of the work we have accomplished. I am open minded and willing to work hard for this exceptional school!

    Robert Duganz
    My world is my family and our community, and school is at the core of communities. I’d find it a great reward to assist with any improvements to an already great school. I was a youth coach for several years and it was so rewarding seeing kids grow as players and as a team. CeHS is a bigger team I’d be honored to serve. I’ve made a living problem-solving as my job requires model-based problem solving, both from an individual and team perspective. I have the patience to ponder all outcomes prior to making decisions and the persistence to ensure successful results.  I use these same methods in my personal life to make well thought-out decisions.

    Charletta Horton-Houston
    I have a sophomore daughter and senior nephew at Centennial. They provide me insight into students’ everyday experiences at CeHS. If afforded the opportunity, I can enhance Centennial Site Council with 15+ years of Project Management experience, driving impactful improvements.  One of my key professional strengths is to fix fragmented situations and generate sustainable, consistent operating systems.  I volunteer my time to teach a leadership course at Spelman College, improving students’ career readiness and helping them to secure employment.  I am active in my children’s extracurricular activities, often helping to organize team bonding and team dinners, to secure team sponsorships, and to support Student Council endeavors. I will listen, learn, and advocate for the needs for our community. I will enhance the efficiency of school projects and maximize our limited resources, and I will provide ongoing support for students and staff and be a voice to shape the school’s shared vision.

    Jessica Malding
    I hope to help Centennial students and administration in any way I can to improve the environment for students and teachers. I'm the parent of one current Centennial student and one CeHS graduate. In addition to being a mother, I’m a Champion Nurse for the Bureau of Veterans Affairs, which means I help any unhappy veterans in my department to resolve conflicts so their care environment is healthy, happy, and stable.

    Fred Marple
    I’m a degreed professional hoping to serve the school and the Centennial community, helping Centennial become the best it can be. I was born and raised in the Valley and have worked for many years at Parker Aerospace.

    Christina Ortecho
    I am a lawyer, an advocate, and a mother who believes that community service is vital to ensuring a well-balanced life. I can give back to Centennial with my experience and expertise, and I look forward to learning from the other members. I have worked with families, aiding transitions in their lives, both in the realms of family and immigration law. Over the last 21 years, I have gained invaluable insight into the positive manners from which to address issues and areas of conflict.  I have also worked for a non-profit and understand advocacy and helping out the community.

    Griselda Rivera
    It is important for parents to be involved in their child’s education, in whatever capacity that may be. All three of my children have attended Peoria schools, including one current Centennial student and two graduates. This sounds like a great opportunity for parents to become more involved and learn more about Centennial. I am currently Program Director for MALDEF’s Parent School Partnership program. I will be an effective Site Council member because of what I have accomplished, who I am, and what I represent. I am passionate about building effective partnerships and sharing responsibility, expertise, and leadership in decisions that affect families and communities.

    Trisha Rosenau
    I’m coming to Centennial from Paseo Verde Elementary, where I spent six years as the PTSO President. I also served as a district employee for four years. I love ALL of the kids and being involved. I’m outgoing, fun, loving, crafty and bring lots of energy to get things done!