2020-2021 Awareness Statements

  • Students and families at Centennial High School must review all information contained in the Centennial High School Student Handbook, as well as the awareness statements below. When students return to in-person instruction on Monday, September 28th, 2nd period teachers will distribute printed copies of each of the below awareness statements. Students returning to in-person instruction on September 28th must turn these signed forms into their second-period teachers or into the front office by Friday, October 2nd.  Students returning later than September 28th must turn the signed forms into the front office, within five school days of their in-person return date:


    Centennial Will Provide Your Student with Printed Copies:


    Student Handbook Awareness Acknowledgement


    COVID Awareness and Acknowledgement


    Bring Your Own Device Acknowledgement

2020-21 Centennial Student Handbook

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