A Message from Mr. Hollabaugh

  • Welcome back to Centennial for the 2022-23 school year, and welcome to our 550 freshmen in the Class of 2026! On Wednesday, August 10th, we’ll begin Centennial’s 33rd year together. Our school has flourished because of the partnership that exists between teachers, students, and families. We have one of the strongest and most-veteran teaching staffs in the state of Arizona. They’re excited to meet you! We partner with families to ensure that students develop the skills and confidence necessary to achieve at high levels.

    At Centennial, we believe that three values help us to be a world-class culture and community: Honor, Integrity, and Excellence. At Centennial, we honor each other. We are a diverse family. Every student who comes to school here must feel valued and cared for. That only happens because each of us pledges to value and care for – to honor – each other. Please make or renew your commitment to be a Coyote who honors others.

    The second value is integrity. We practice integrity – doing the right thing. We work hard in our classes and in our sports and extracurricular activities. We take ownership of our successes and failures. We stand up for what’s right. Practice integrity every day at Centennial by doing the right thing.

    And our third value is excellence. At Centennial, we cultivate and celebrate excellence. We are an A school. Last year, our graduates led the district, earning more than $18 Million in scholarships awards. They set a district record for passing Advanced Placement tests. Our juniors earned ACT scores in 2022 that improved upon those we earned in 2021. Our students win state championships. They compete at the highest levels around the country in career and technical education subjects like business, marketing, medicine, auto, construction, and more. They host blood drives and complete service projects that raise thousands of dollars for the less fortunate. We cheer for each other’s achievements. We are inspired by each other’s excellence and constantly growing excellence in ourselves.

    Those three values of honor, integrity, and excellence – if all of us commit to them – teachers, parents, and students… we will continue our school’s great traditions, and the graduating Class of 2023 will leave a lasting impact. 

    Students, I want to encourage each of you to dive in and take advantage of the amazing opportunities that exist at our school.  Get involved.  Take risks, be brave, and push yourself to talk to new people, join clubs, play sports, take challenging and interesting courses, and make the most of our year together. It will go by quickly!

    I am here to support our students, teachers, and families. Please reach out to me anytime!  And as we prepare to come back together, please let us know how we can help you. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit or call our office at 623-412-4400. Thanks for your support and partnership!

    Mr. Hollabaugh

  • Scott Hollabaugh Principal Peoria Centennial
    Mr. Scott Hollabaugh