Welcome to Liberty High School, Home of the Lions!


    Welcome to Liberty High School, nestled in the vibrant community of Peoria, Arizona. Established with a commitment to academic excellence, personal growth, and community involvement, Liberty High School stands as a beacon of educational opportunity and achievement.

    Our school is more than just a place of learning; it's a close-knit family of students, teachers, and staff dedicated to nurturing every individual's potential. With a rich history of academic, art, and athletic success, we provide students with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-changing world.

    At Liberty High School, you will hear and see our slogan of WE ARE LIBERTY all over campus. The attributes that are connected to WE ARE LIBERTY are, We Are Leaders, We Are Inclusive, We Are Brave, We Are Excellent, We Are Responsible, We Are A Team, and We Are Your Liberty Lions. These are more than just attributes. These are our values and something that we will strive for each and every day.

    Whether you're a student, a parent, or a member of our community, we invite you to explore all that Liberty High School has to offer. Join us in our mission to inspire, educate, and prepare the leaders of tomorrow. Together, we'll continue to uphold the tradition of excellence that defines Liberty High School in Peoria, Arizona.

  • Some of the many student accomplishments are highlighted below:


    Flinn Scholar

    2017      Daniel Nguyen

    2021      Sylvia Lopez

    National Merit Scholars:

    2012      Spenser Babb-Biernacki

    2013      Jeremy Dietrich

    2013      Sabrina Bare

    2013      Riley Smith

    2014      Giacomo Koszegl

    2015      Jacky Hao

    2018      Benjamin Barkai 

    2023      Samantha Randolph

    Chamber Choir


    ACE Fall Choral Festival               Superior With Distinction

    NAU Jazz-Madrigal Festival          I-Superior

    AZACDA State Choral Festival      Superior With Distinction

    State Championships:

    2010      4A Division II Baseball

    2010      Division IV Boys Track & Field

    2016      Division II Wrestling

    2018      Division 5A Baseball  

    2019      Division I Boys Wrestling  

    2019      Division 6A Football

    2020      Division I Boys Wrestling  

    2021      Division 6A Baseball

    2021      Division 6A Women's Golf

    2022      Open Division Hip Hop Pom

    2022      Division I Girls Wrestling    

    2023      Division I Girls Wrestling

    2023      Open Division Hip Hop Pom  

    State Runner-Up:

    2010      Division IV Girls Volleyball

    2011      Division IV Softball

    2012      4A Division I Baseball

    2013      Division IV Boys Track

    2014      Division II Football

    2014      Division II Wrestling

    2015      Division II Wrestling

    2015      Division I Baseball

    2017      Division II Boys Wrestling 

    2018      Division II Boys Wrestling 

    2021      Division I Boys Wrestling    

    2021      Open Division Pom Hip Hop

    2021      Division I Girls Wrestling    

    2022      Division I Boys Cross Country 

    2022      Division I Boys Wrestling  

    2023      Division I Boys Wrestling   

    Individual State Champion

    Men's Wrestling

    Zack Hall 2010

    James Dietz 2015, 2017

    Blake Smith 2016

    Trey Escobar 2016

    Miles Nuessle 2016, 2017, 2018

    Tyler Sauter 2020, 2021

    Zander Phaturos 2020

    Kamyn Stonebreaker 2020

    Matthew Stevenson 2020

    Michael Trujillo 2021

    Carson Coy 2022

    Mathew Krawczenko 2023

    Anthony Ruiz 2023

    Women's Wrestling

    Bella Bocanegra 2021,2022,2023

    Taylor Colangelo 2023

    Bridgette Sotomayor 2023

    Track and Field

    Herb Dew     2010    High Jump

    Herb Dew     2010    Triple Jump

    Mason Simmons    2010    Shot

    Mason Simmons    2010    Discus

    Ashley KealaMakia    2011    800m run

    Trevor Landry    2011    Boys 4x400

    Connor Howard    2011    Boys 4x400

    Brandon Murphy    2011    Boys 4x400

    Brandon Zitka     2011    Boys 4x400

    Shane Nelson    2011    High Jump

    Zach Neil    2013    Boys 4x400

    Brandon Gonzales    2013    Boys 4x400

    Brandon Zitka    2013    Boys 4x400

    Brock Murphy    2013    Boys 4x400

    Brandon Murphy    2013    Long Jump

    Tiffany Riley    2013    800m run

    Christine Williford    2016    400m run

    Christine Williford    2016    800m run

    Lashira Tremble    2016    100m run

    Asiah Fields    2017    400m run

    Asiah Fields    2018    4x100m run

    Ella Escobar    2018    4x100m run

    Mary Agube    2018    4x100m run

    Synfanie Crudder    2018    4x100m run

    2022 Boys 4x400m Relay (Jordan Guevara, Wesley Grim, Jaqua Anderson, Ryder McMillon)

    2023 Boys 4x800m Relay (Jonathan Sweepe, Ryan Denhof, Jackson Hoppus, Lucas Jones)


    Maddie Frick    2020    

    Adam Croix   2023

    Troy Bills    2015    Backstroke

    Cross Country

    Ryan Denof    2023


Lion Head