Welcome to Liberty High School, home of the Lions!

  • Liberty High School is proud to provide students high academic standards, as well as exceptional athletics and a variety of extra-curricular activities.  As a collaborative community committed to student success, Liberty High School is focused on engaging students in meaningful learning experiences in which students can discover and develop their interests and talents in order to reach their highest potential.


    In addition to solid core-curriculum, Advanced Placement (AP) classes, Dual Enrollment classes and many opportunities for Career and Technical Education internships, Liberty is truly committed to post-secondary success for all students.  As an example, the unique and award-winning Peoria Student Broadcasting Network (PSBN) begun by Liberty High School, is an innovative approach to student learning and brings media education into the 21st century.


  • Some of the many student accomplishments are highlighted below:


    Flinn Scholar

    2017      Daniel Nguyen


    National Merit Scholars:

    2012      Spenser Babb-Biernacki

    2013      Jeremy Dietrich

    2013      Sabrina Bare

    2013      Riley Smith

    2014      Giacomo Koszegl

    2015      Jacky Hao

    2018      Benjamin Barkai 


    State Championships:

    2010      Division IV Baseball

    2010      Division IV Boys Track & Field

    2016      Division II   Wrestling

    2018      Division 5A Baseball  


    State Runner-Up:

    2010      Division IV Girls Volleyball

    2011      Division IV Softball

    2012      Division IV Baseball

    2013      Division IV Boys Track

    2014      Division II Football

    2014      Division II Wrestling

    2015      Division II Baseball

    2017      Division II Wrestling